…“Lethean” probes the underlying truths of human connectivity to itself and the cosmos, scrutinizing the blueprints of perception and reconstituting its nerve centers to distinguish beyond itself, beyond humanity’s waking capacity for external stimulus. – Tabs Out

…the tracks are filled with chilling minimal layers of piano, organ and synthesizers. This album reminds me of soundtracks done by the likes of Vangelis or Tangerine Dream because it fills the listener with a sense of awe.Boston Hassle

…it is no mere retread, as Substrates creates enveloping music that is on a level with Vangelis rather than a pale imitation. – Overblown

Start with only one descriptive word, “abounding” and build from there. Why this word? Because there is not any more to say. Lethean has erased the cache’ of pastoral images used for past illustrative efforts.  – Lost in a Sea of Sound

…it is a leap in the future. Stargazing soundscapes inviting masses to state of the art ambient-leaning forms. – Give it a Spin